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To guarantee the safety operation of the products and the better services from the company, following instructions should be paid attention to:

Firstly, the specification and instruction of the products should be read carefully before using the products. Please consult the company if necessary. When placing the order, please note that the product model, specifications, quantity, and the adoption of the production processing. Please give detailed indication if any special requirement is needed.

Secondly, the products used in special circumstances should have a speculated design from power design department. If there is no speculated design, the research and developing department in the company will offer a proper design according to the specific circumstance data given by the users.

Thirdly, the company can supply general performance standard products, i.e. non-gap metal oxide lightning arresters, metal oxide surge arrester with gap as well as high voltage cable protection arrester, bird hazard prevention polymeric insulator, lightning-proof pin polymeric insulator, suspension wire insulators for special distribution transformer, etc. The company can research, develop, design and produce the special products on the basis of the specific requirements of users. The company can cooperate with the users to fulfill research projects as well.

Finally, please inspect the goods immediately after receiving the supplied goods. Please contact the company as soon as possible if the supplied goods have any difference from the specification under the contract.

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