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High pressure wire connection at the end of the tower hung a lot of discal insulators, it is to increase the creepage distance, usually made of glass or ceramic is made, called insulator.

In order to prevent dust and impurity in the insulator surface adhesion, forming path is insulator ends voltage breakdown, namely creepage. It increases the surface distance, namely creepage distance along the insulation surface discharge distance namely leakage distance call creepage distance. Creepage distance = surface distance/system highest voltage. According to different degree of filth, heavy polluted areas generally USES creepage distance for 31 mm/every kv.

Zero insulator refers to in the operation of the insulator on both ends of the potential distribution close to zero or equal to zero insulator.

Zero or minimum insulator influence: line wire insulation depends on the insulator string, due to the manufacturing defects or external effect, insulation ?

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