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1) single insulating sleeve: use pure porcelain or resin insulated, often made wall casing, used for 35 kv and below voltage level. Its insulation parts as tubular, central card loading or binding flange so that fixed in the hole wall.

2) insulation casing: use nonmagnetic materials to reduce the fever. A single insulating sleeve insulation structure is divided into the air cavity and air cavity short circuit two kinds. The air cavity casing used in 10 kv and below voltage level, conductor and porcelain set between the air cavity as a supplementary insulation, can reduce casing capacitance, improve the casing of the corona voltage and sliding lightning pressure. When the voltage level higher (20 ~ 30 kv), air cavity internal will occur corona and make the above function failure, at this time the air cavity short circuit structure. This kind of porcelain casing porcelain set of internal coating semiconductor glaze, ?

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