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Drop Out Composite Arrester detachable by operation(Patent Number200920094481.1)

Drop-Out Arresters used in 10kV distribution network are developed and produced by our company. Type: ZGHY5WS-17/50DL TB.
Product characteristics:
● Testing, repairing and maintenance of live working on drop-out arresters are quick and easy .
● Protect distribution line against break caused by lightning strikes. When the arresters are subjected to lightning damage, to avoid line grounding, equipments are self-turning off and automatically quitting running.
● Easy to find the point of failure, convenient to replace.
● The occurrence of line grounding and tripping accidents are effective avoided by thermal explosion-type device. Protection is more sensitive, safer and more reliable.
● Products are suitable for 6~10kV power distribution lines, distribution transformer stations and cable towers, etc.


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