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6-10kV composite arrester

Three-phase AC composite arrester are mainly used in 35kV and below power system, in order to protect the power devices, such as transformer, switch, bus, motor, parallel capacitor and so on. It can limit atmospheric overvoltage and operating overvoltage caused by vacuum circuit breaker, and can limit the overvoltage of phase-earth and phase-phase.
Three-phase composite overvoltage protector composed of four arrester (graphical representation four-start injection), thus protect against overvoltage of phase-earth and phase-phase. Because of skillful cooperation of construction, four arresters play a role as the same as six arresters. At the same time, the disadvantage of three arresters with Y injection which cannot limit the phase to phase overvoltage is overcome. (Element that joins A, B and C phase of protected device is called phase element. Element that joins grounding line is called ground element.)

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